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Michael Skinner

Michael Skinner is a native to the Columbus and Phenix City area.  He has over 20 years experience in various martial arts and is a health and fitness instructor.   In 2004 he owned and operated a fitness gym and a martial arts school. During that time he taught several students in different subject matter including: self defense, exercise, and nutrition.  Mr. Skinner felt obligated to work for and serve others.  In 2007 he was hired with a local Police Department and his desire to serve the community that has served him so well was fulfilled.

  Still employed as an officer, he is currently assigned to a training unit as the Firearms Coordinator and a member of the departments SWAT team.  While employed with the department he has trained several officers in the field as a field training officer and gained instructor status with the state of Georgia as a POST Certified General Instructor.  Since that time he has obtained instructor certifications in: GA POST Certified Defensive Tactics Instructor, Level 1 and Level 2 Controlled Force Instructor with the USNSTA, Strategic Self Defense and Grappling Level 1 and level 2 instructor, and a certified instructor in the Equalizer Self Defense Program for women.

Highly trained in firearms, he is a POST Certified Firearms Instructor in GA.  He is a firearms instructor with the NRA specializing in: Patrol Rifle, Select Fire, Handgun, Shotgun, and Tactical Shooting. He is a member of the Georgia Police Marksmanship League and is ranked among the Governors Top 20 for the state of GA.  He is also a certified armorer with Smith and Wesson, Glock, Remington and Colt. He is an Active Shooter Instructor with the NTOA, and a certified instructor in several less lethal devices, including: O.C. Spray, Expandable Baton, Pepper Ball Launchers, Less Lethal Munitions and TASER.

With his extensive background in firearms and tactics, he creates new lesson plans every year and teaches several firearms related and tactical classes at his department.  He assisted in the creation of the Muscogee County School Board's "Active Shooter" training video and is very knowledgeable in teaching a variety of learning styles, including: lecturing, audio-visual, and hands-on instruction.

With his vast knowledge of martial arts and experience in law enforcement, Mr. Skinner was tasked with creating a Defensive Tactics program for Law Enforcement.  With the understanding that most DT programs for police officers involves mixing martial arts with police work, Mr. Skinner noticed several discrepancies in how officers were being trained.  The DT programs usually contained pointless moves and techniques that should not be used in a fight.  This training proves to be pointless for police officers who are trying to detain or control an individual.  The program that Mr. Skinner created includes techniques and tactics that involve more of a practical use for officers and has an easier learning curve for all skill levels.  Since its inception the system has evolved to meet the needs of officers and civilians alike.

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Adjunct Instructors

Armed Reaction Tactics  has several adjunct Instructors, all professionals in their field, who teach and assist with several classes taught at the facility, on the range, or various training sites.  All instructors deliver the same level of skill and are very professionals in their approach and teaching style.