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Receive high-quality professional classes and training from Armed Reaction Tactics, based in Columbus, GA, specializing in several fields: firearms, self defense, martial arts, security, dignitary protection, first-aid, active shooter response and small team tactics.  Our expert instructors can provide the resources and training you need to obtain the skills necessary to complete the mission successfully and protect yourself and loved ones in a time of need. Armed Reaction Tactics is also a great place for keeping training records for all of your employees or conceal carry permit holders who would like to have a recorded training history for liability purposes.

When the time comes, how will you react?

Our Instructors are ready to work with you and all of your training needs.

Our mission statement: "To safely train and equip our students with the necessary tactics to react, timely and effectively, while facing the threat."


Self Defense

If you have an interest in martial arts training without the need for learning ridiculous steps, procedures, or traditions to learn real self defense, check out our ART self defense program. This program is a mixture of different martial arts based on reaction techniques.  It has a heavy emphasis on armed response.  Armed response training involves edged weapons, impact weapons, and firearms training.  Great way to learn real self defense using both empty hand and armed techniques.  Its not just martial arts, its Armed Reaction Tactics.

Firearms Training

If you are new to firearms and would like to try a firearms training class to learn the basics check out our classes page.  Then check our training calendar for upcoming classes.  Chose between beginners firearms training classes like basic pistol, or classes that don t require firing a single round like pistol orientation which is taught at our facility in Columbus, GA.  You can also contact a firearms' instructor to schedule private lessons.  One of the biggest liabilities for any organization is a failure to train. Armed Reaction Tactics will maintain all training records for each student to show proficiency in their field. Our instructors are experts in self defense and use of force and, if needed, will testify on your behalf in court.

Tactical Training

If you are an experienced operator and would like to add to your skill level with your firearms check out our tactical shooting classes.


If you are part of a private security firm or are a security officer who needs to re cert for your firearms license we provide training for both.  Check out our active shooter or dignitary protection trainingContact a Georgia licensed firearms instructor today.

Host a Class

If you are representing an agency and would like to host a training event at your company location for your employees, contact an instructor today.  We can come to your facility and teach any of the classes we have to offer including: Self defenses, CPR/AED, first aid, active shooter in the work place, and firearms training.

Contact an instructor today or register for upcoming classes.


A 50%, nonrefundable, deposit is required before the class registration deadline.  Walk-ins are accepted, however, there is no grantee seats will be available. Check our calendar and please choose a class that is right for you, your employees or family today.